Press Release

March 8, 2020

The Belgian company ZENCON BVBA presents a new web based app for the adaptive creation of multimedia playlists.

ZENCON BVBA has invented a new type of multi-genre playlist creation engine. The app allows e.g. music streaming users to create in real-time a personalized music genre mix which then is applied for the creation of a best matching music playlist. is a web based app that typically starts with visiting the secured page per internet browser. Simple, easy accessible and for free.

Trigger for this project was the absence of a simple and user friendly interface and method to create a fresh multi-genre playlist or find the best matching playlists in deep music jungle.’s Law of Partial Music Genres

The app runs a new kind of user interface and method for processing personal music genre preferences. After selecting main genres and subgenres also called styles, creates a best match. One might restart a new search or play the composed playlist by one extra click on the music provider button. For a fresh multi-genre search you return to any opened page in your web browser.

This app offers uncomplicated accessibility. After pinning the page the logo will appear on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

ZENCON indicates that this is only the beginning of a completely new approach of creating multi-genre music playlists, that further creative developments are in the pipeline. Graphical User Interfaces and methods are filed for patent law protection. ZENCON invites potential partners to get in touch.

Goal of ZENCON is to realize a superior user experience by creating in real-time a fresh playlist conform your music genre mix flavor.