Press Release

Press Release :

January 17, 2021

ZENCON presents a new search engine for multiple genres and styles music playlists: is a playlist search engine with a new user interface and method for handling multi-genre user preferences. After setting the weighting percentages of the most appropriate genres and styles, suggests the best match available. With one extra click in the results page, this best match can be played on a music provider like Spotify. Return from the Spotify app to a the page for a next search.

The web-app runs on the secured page. No login download is required. It’s easy to use and for free.

Once the page is pinned to the home screen, you can launch it again by clicking the logo on smartphone, tablet, or computer.

ZENCON states that this current version is just the beginning of a whole new vision for adaptively creating multi-genre playlists. These playlists can contain music, pictures, photos from video.

ZENCON invites partners to participate. Graphical user interfaces and search method for these different types of multimedia files are notice for patent protection.

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